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B Beekeeping Round Veil Suit Pilot with Double Zippers Ultra Ventilated


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•A unique Ultra Ventilated 3 Layers Pilot Beekeeping Suit having extra ordinary features.

•Professionally designed suites using Light-Weight material, keeping in view the needs of Beekeepers.

•Most comfortable and convenient design from every aspect.

•Made of extra strong, long-lasting 3 layers mesh, allowing maximum air to circulate around body while working in hot weather conditions.

•Stitched with Polyester Mesh from inside and outside.

•The overall thickness of 3 layers makes it 99% sting proof. (We have sold thousands of suits, made of this material and never got any complaint of Bee Sting).

•High Quality, Very Reliable, Double Full length (neck to toe) Vision Zippers have been introduced in this suit, making it Super Easy and Most Convenient to Take-On and Take-off the suit without removing your shoes.

•Detachable Veil with 30mm Ring Pullers for easy handling of Zippers on the veil, with or without gloves. •Adjustable Wrists and Cuffs with Elastic Loops.

•Elasticated waist band. •Fabric panels on wrists and waist areas for more protection.

•Ankles and Bottoms are also Elasticated with loops.

•5 multi-use pockets on the suit (2 Chest pockets/ 2 Back pockets/ 1 Arm pocket. •Beautiful embroidery on 1 chest pocket and arm pocket.

•12” Zippers on both Ankles. •Money back Guarantee, you can return or exchanges if you’re not satisfied the product.

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